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    We regularly get repeat customers and we love them!

    In 2017 we did jobs for over 100 clients.  That is a lot of people to get to know in a short amount of time. It makes our job easier when we work with repeat customers because there is an existing relationship.  We already know the client and have a good idea of their expectations.  Also, the client knows how we operate and appreciates our service ethics.

    Late in 2016 we did a new pergola roof for a house in Kiama. The job involved removing the existing roof, fascia, gutter and eaves. We built a new roof on the existing posts to support a timber v-joint ceiling and added 6 new downlights. After this Shep’s Roofing Service re-roofed the house with colourbond.

    new pergola roof with timber v-joint ceiling and down lights
    new pergola roof with timber v-joint ceiling and downlights

    Toward the end of 2017 we returned to assist this client with further renovation work.  The scope of works included

    • replacing windows and sliding doors with new aluminium windows and doors
    • moving internal walls to create new and larger openings to give a more open kitchen, dining and living area
    • kitchen renovation with new kitchen supplied by Best Kitchens Australia
    • bathroom renovation

    We were assisted in this renovation by McLeish Electrical 0438260602, Midnight Owl Plumbing 0418223370, Paul Watts Plastering 0413522491 and Brad Taylor Painting 0414733695.


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