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    Renovating kitchens is a popular way to revive and modernise older homes.  Kitchen renovations are not cheap but they can be a preferable option if you can’t afford to buy or build a new home or you do not want to relocate.

    We frequently get asked to assist with kitchen renovations. We work closely with Best Kitchens and Beny’s Joinery but we can also assist with other kitchen/joinery companies.

    Milliken Builders is a building company so we do not construct and install the kitchens.  This is a specialised trade carried out by kitchen or joinery companies. These companies usually do demolition, construction and installation only. Some companies will also offer to organise other trades such as electricians, plumbers and tilers.

    Kitchen renovation services offered by Milliken Builders.

    Structural changes

    In most older homes the kitchens tended to be smaller and separate from the other rooms in the house. Its basic purpose was for food preparation. With recent kitchen and building trends there is less division between the kitchen and other living areas. It is often designed as the new living room or is incorporated into an open living space.

    To accommodate these new design trends, many kitchen renovations require walls to be removed. This is a service provided by Milliken Builders. If the wall is a load bearing wall, the removal will likely require consultation with an engineer.  Milliken Builders can arrange the engineering consultation and report.

    Project Management

    Most kitchen renovations take a minimum of six weeks.  That is a long time to be without a working kitchen and to have limited use of your living spaces.

    Milliken Builders can manage your renovation to ensure that there are minimal delays. We liaise with the kitchen company you have chosen to supply and install your kitchen.  Once you have been given an installation date, we come in a couple days prior to do any demolition and structural changes.  We work closely with reliable, local tradesmen. We can coordinate the plumbing and electrical rough in and any plaster work required. After the kitchen has been installed we can coordinate tiling and/or floor coverings, electrical and plumbing fit off and painting.

    Milliken Builders has been renovating kitchens for many years.  We have come up with a system that works and keeps interruptions and hassle to a minimum.

    Email us for more information about what to expect during a kitchen renovation and our basic renovation timeline or phone us today to enquire about a quotation.

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