Small Projects

Over and over we hear customers complain that it’s impossible to get a builder for a small job. Not anymore. At Milliken Builders, we don’t consider any job too small. We enjoy the variety that comes with small jobs and are happy to fit them in around other larger projects.

Repairs or additions

We enjoy the variety that comes with small projects and are happy to fit them in around other larger jobs. It may be internal or external maintenance repairs, replacing or renewing internal or external fittings and fixtures or structural rectification work.

We approach your small job with the same friendly, reliable and professional service as our larger projects.

Small extensions Illawarra NSW by Milliken Builders
Window and door replacement Illawarra

Window & door replacements

Replacing a window or door in your home is an effective way to improve ventilation, water leaks or sound issues. It also is a minimal impact renovation job that packs a big 'cosmetic' punch both inside and outside your home.

Milliken Builders installs made-to-measure windows and doors sourced through Hanlon Windows Australia. Hanlons started on the South Coast and is locally owned and operated. They provide high quality products that look good and wear well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a window / door replacement job?

Our quotation includes the following items.

  • Supply of the window/door
  • Removal and disposal of the old window/door
  • New window/door installation
  • Installation of architraves on the inside of the window/door and if required aluminium angles on the outside

No finish work is included in our quotation.

If you wish to have additional work done you need to mention this at the quotation/measurement appointment for it to be included in your quotation. If additional work is requested after quoting and/or during construction this will be charged in addition to the original quoted amount.

No furniture removal or removing and reinstalling curtains/blinds is included in our quotation.

Occasionally we discover structural issues once the window/door is removed that could not be seen when Troy visited your home. On the rare occasion this happens Troy will notify you and any rectification work will be charged in addition to the original quoted amount.

What is the process for getting windows/doors replaced?

If you are interested in getting a quotation, our experienced builder, Troy Milliken, can visit your home to discuss the window/door you would like replaced. He will give suggestions that will suit your tastes, needs and budget.

Troy will take measurements that he will use to obtain a price for the supply of the window/door. Once he has received that price he will email you our quotation.

We require written acceptance of our quotation (jobs under $5,000) or a signed contract (jobs over $5,000) before we can place your window/door order. We also require 10% of the quotation price which will be invoiced after written approval has been received.

Your window/door is custom made to measure so there will be a waiting time for the window/door supply. The wait time varies depending on the type of window/door ordered and the time of year.

You will need to be home on several occasions when you are having your window/door replaced. You will need to be home to take delivery, to give access for installation and possibly again for screen installation.


The supplier (Hanlons) sets your delivery date. As soon as we are able we will notify you. There is not much flexibility because the suppliers deliver close after construction and do not have the facility to store orders.

You will need a place to store the window/door where it won’t get damaged until installation. In your garage, under a pergola, beside the house are popular spots if there is no danger of the window/door being blown over or something falling on it.


We usually book the installation date close before your delivery or after it has been delivered. We aim to carry out the installation as close to the delivery date as possible. Most of the time we install anywhere from 1 day to a week after delivery but this is not guaranteed.

Screens installed

Most screens are delivered and installed later by the supply company. Occasionally your screens will be delivered with your window/door. If so, Milliken Builders will install the screen when we install the window/door.

Service required

Sometimes there are issues with the installation or the window/door hardware. Milliken Builders will rectify any installation issues. The window/door supplier is responsible for rectifying any hardware issues. We will assist you by liaising with the supplier to facilitate any service visits required.

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