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    Milliken Builders do lots of bathroom renovations.

    At the moment the economy is doing well and there is a boom in the building industry and property sales. We are finding many of our clients want to update their bathrooms and improve functionality so they can increase the value of their home.  We have always had bathroom renovation customers who need to fix plumbing or tiling problems. Some clients need to make their bathrooms safer for aging relatives or children.

    Whatever your reason for renovating your bathroom, Milliken Builders can assist you.  Our team of carpenters and reliable, local tradesmen under the coordination of our builder, Troy Milliken can ensure that your renovation runs smoothly with minimal delays.

    Every client and bathroom renovation job is different. Each has a different budget and style. We have found that it is quickest and easiest to have clients source the fixtures, tiles, specialty lighting and accessories. Our quotation covers the construction and labour components of the renovation.  By doing this clients have more control over their choices and do not have to pay additional fees for Milliken Builders to source these items.

    Email us for more information about what to expect during a bathroom renovation and our basic renovation timeline or phone us today to enquire about a quotation.

    Check out Elle Decor for some recent design trends in bathroom renovations.

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