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    One thing to keep in mind when drawing or choosing house plans is PRIORITY. What’s your priority? We hear a lot about styling, trends and being ‘on point.’ It is easy to get carried away with design elements that look great on TV or in show homes but you need to consider if these elements fit your budget and lifestyle. Here are some tips to make sure you put your money where your priorities are.

    Ask yourself these ‘What?’ questions

    What are your ‘must haves’ and what are your luxuries?

    What do you need for your current lifestyle?

    What do you know you will need for the future?

    North facing

    If you live in NSW try to have your living areas facing North (or North East). This will maximise northern light and winter sun into your home and will help reduce your energy bills.

    Windows, insulation, construction materials

    Think about what materials will maximise your heat in winter and keep you cool in summer. Window size, direction and placement are important for light and air flow.

    Think about using durable materials and neutral colours on fixtures and floor coverings that are not easily replaced. Spending a bit more on these materials can save you money in the long run.

    Room placement

    When drawing or choosing house plans…

    Consider placing bathrooms away from kitchen and living areas to give more privacy.

    Consider placing bedrooms away from noisy living areas, TVs, banging pots and pans etc.

    Consider placing all rooms requiring plumbing on the same side of the house to reduce construction costs.

    Consider placing your kitchen close to your garage for carrying groceries into the house.

    Consider placing your laundry close to your clothesline location.

    Consider flexible spaces that can be modified as your life/needs change ie guest room to nursery, home theatre to playroom, play space to study room etc.

    Consider the placement of public and private areas for the different stages of your family life.

    When planning an open floor space consider how it will impact heating/cooling, furniture/decor placement and tidiness and presentation.

    Placement of furniture and fixtures when drawing or choosing house plans

    If you decide a piece of furniture or a fixture is one of your ‘must haves’ make sure there is room for it in your plans. For example, if you ‘must have’ a super large wall mounted TV make sure you don’t fill your walls with windows. Large sectional lounges, king or queen size beds, large free-standing bathtubs, double vanities etc all require special consideration when planning room size and placement.


    Don’t forget to plan linen cupboards, broom closets, hanging space and drawers in bedrooms, storage in kitchen, bathrooms and garage, additional storage for sporting equipment etc. Unless you are a practicing minimalist you will need somewhere to put all the stuff that accumulates throughout life.

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